Natural Prodoucts


Our natural line of “anti mosquito bracelets” adopt a new technology based on polymers, that makes them unique and different from any others: the ingredients, the natural lemongrass extract and/or the natural geranium extract + neem oil are melted in the thermoplastic resin, LDPE, releasing the fragrance gradually for more than 180/240 hours. This innovative process solves the problems that other commercialised products present: they are covered or soaked with the active principle and this makes their use difficult due to the  active principle dispersion and the huge action on the person wearing it.

It’s DEET (Diethyl-meta-toluamide) free, a toxic chemical substance very common in many insect repellents. It meets the needs of a large bracket of customers, children included, who appreciate the colour spectrum with witch it is realised and the funny clips that can be put on the bracelet.

The anti mosquito bracelet will give you the best comfort thanks to the LDPE, the flexible thermoplastic resin in its composition. It’s waterproof and has an adjustable lock and so it can be easily worn by everyone. It can be worn for 180/240 hours consecutively or just when needed, it keeps its effectiveness simply by being stored in its innovative reclosable package after each use. Its 180/240-hour-effectiveness is proved by a test carried out by an important international university. The test shows its real effectiveness against mosquitoes and other insects, most of all against the AEDES AEGYPTI mosquito, which can be found in tropical regions and spread the dengue and yellow fever. In addition, the used materials were analysed by important SGS and INTERTEK laboratories, ensuring the compliance with EEC directives. Dermatologic tested and non toxic. The novelty of 2018 is the strengthening of neem oil fragrance, whose effectiveness against the tiger mosquito was proved by scientific tests.